12 Exotic Spicy Fish Recipes with Bold Flavors From Around The World

A dozen of spicy fish recipes that will take your tastebuds travel worldwide. They’re delicious, full of flavors, and easy to make.

A dish of Pesmol Ikan - fish dish in tangy and spicy sauce from west Java

Are you a fish and spice lover who always looks for new, exciting ways to prepare fish? Whether you prefer spicy and tangy flavors or coconut creamy ones, there’s a fish recipe for every palate here. 

These 12 fish dishes will take you on a culinary journey worldwide from Indonesia to Mexico, Sri Lanka to Italy. These recipes will impress your taste buds and your dinner guests with fresh ingredients, bold spices, and easy-to-follow instructions. So, let’s dive into the world of seafood and explore some of the most delicious and exotic fish recipes!

Ikan Pesmol

Ikan Pesmol.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Ikan Pesmol is a tangy and spicy fish dish from West Java, Indonesia. It has a pickle flavor as it uses vinegar in its spices, making the dish refreshing and delicious with plain rice. Get the recipe.

Sri Lankan Fish Curry

Sri Lankan fish curry.
Photo credit: Cook Republic.

Souring elements like lime, lemongrass, and tamarind punctuate Sri Lankan fish curry. This beautiful coastal yellow fish curry uses aromatic spices and tastes absolutely delicious. Get the recipe.

Bang Bang Salmon

Bang Bang salmon.
Photo credit: Dinners Done Quick.

I love making bang-bang salmon in the air fryer! It comes out quickly, generally only needing 10-15 minutes of cooking time depending on the size of your fish portions, and the air fryer keeps your fish moist and flaky. Get the recipe.

Balado Teri

Balado Teri.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Balado Teri is Indonesian crispy anchovies and peanuts cooked in tasty, spicy chilies. It’s a delicious fish side dish now famous as a savory snack. Get the recipe.

Kerala Fish

Kerala fish.
Photo credit: Spice and Life.

Kerala fish curry is one of the most popular recipes from this beautiful part of the world, the South West coast of India. It is dark red in color, spicy, yet slightly sweet and sour with a smoky note. Get the recipe.

Blackened Salmon

Blackened salmon.
Photo credit: Pinch Me I’m Eating.

Blackened salmon is so easy to make, and the crispy skin is life-changing! In just 10 minutes, you, too, can be feasting on this flavorful and healthy dinner! Get the recipe.

Pescado ala Diabla

Pescado a la Diabla,
Photo credit: M.A. Kitchen.

A classic Mexican recipe that combines fish fillets in a bold and flavorful sauce to bring a touch of devil’s heat to your plate. Get the recipe.

Caldo de Pescado

Caldo de Pescado.
Photo credit: Mama Maggie’s Kitchen.

Caldo de Pescado (Mexican Fish Soup) is an EASY and delicious dish Made with homemade fish broth and a spicy tomato sauce. It’s hard not to love a big bowl of this hearty and comforting soup loaded with FLAVOR!! Get the recipe.

Tuscan Fish with Cannellini Beans

Tuscan fish with cannelini beans.
Photo credit: Beyond Mere Sustenance.

With fresh spinach, canned or fresh tomatoes, rosemary, garlic, and crushed red pepper, this Mediterranean-style fish recipe packs loads of bold flavor in a one-dish meal in about 30 minutes. Get the recipe.

Chimichurri Salmon

Chimichurri salmon.
Photo credit: Spice Cravings.

Chimichurri Salmon features a whole salmon fillet gorgeously seasoned with homemade chimichurri sauce, then baked in the oven until flaky. It’s a healthy, show-stopping entree ready in less than one hour (including marinating time!). Get the recipe.

Spicy Tuna with Crispy Rice

Spicy tuna with crispy rice.
Photo credit: The Heirloom Pantry.

This fresh and zesty sushi dish is the perfect appetizer to spice up a date night at home or get-together with friends! Get the recipe.

Coconut Fish Curry

Coconut fish curry with rice.
Photo credit: Spice Cravings.

White flaky fish simmered in sweet and creamy coconut milk, seasoned with fragrant Indian spices, is all there is to this simple and delicious recipe for Coconut Fish Curry, using the Instant Pot or stovetop. Get the recipe.

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