21 Super Bowl Sunday Meal Bowls to Enjoy Your Game Day

Get game day ready with our Super Bowl Sunday Meal Bowls! Easy, delicious, and perfect for a crowd – these recipes promise to score big with your family and friends.

A meal bowl of Korean beef and rice.

Get ready to tackle hunger with our Super Bowl Sunday meal bowls! These easy, mouth-watering recipes are perfect for game day. 

They’re easy to make, ranging from chicken burrito bowls to chicken katsu bowls and from Korean beef bowls to chicken poke bowls; these nutritious recipes will keep your energy and taste buds happy while you watch your favorite game.

21. Chicken Burrito Bowl

A bowl of chicken burrito.
Photo Credit: Cinnamon and Sage.

Chicken Burrito Bowls are a perfect make-ahead meal that tastes amazing, keeps you full, and contains nutrient-dense ingredients. You will love this easy and filling meal with deliciously seasoned chicken, fresh salsa, avocado, and more! 

Get the recipe: Chicken Burrito Bowl.

20. Salmon Soba Noodles with Miso Dressing

A bowl of salmon soba noodles in miso dressing with chopsticks on top.
Photo Credit: Cook Eat World.

These delicious Japanese salmon soba noodles have the tastiest combination of juicy salmon, soft soba noodles, broccoli and edamame, and the most amazing umami-laden miso dressing. It’s simple, it’s healthy, it’s downright delicious. 

Get the recipe: Salmon Soba Noodles with Miso Dressing.

19. Salmon Quinoa Bowl

Salmon Quinoa Bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

This colorful and easy salmon quinoa bowl recipe has everything you need for a balanced, nutritious, delicious meal. It has good fats, a great source of fiber, and lots of protein. 

Get the recipe: Salmon Quinoa Bowl.

18. Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Rice Bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

This Teriyaki Salmon Bowl with homemade teriyaki sauce is the ideal weeknight dinner option because it’s simple to make and comes together in less than 20–30 minutes. The salmon fillet can be air-fried, baked, or cooked over the stove. Then add to a bowl of cooked rice and your favorite veggies. 

Get the recipe: Teriyaki Salmon Bowl.

17. Chicken Katsu Bowl

Chicken katsu bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

The crispy chicken katsu bowl is a take on the famous Japanese fried chicken served with a seasoned rice bowl, topped with fresh vegetables, and drizzled with fruity-tangy katsu sauce. It’s a delicious, hearty meal you can make quickly. 

Get the recipe: Chicken Katsu Bowl.

16. Korean Beef Bowl Recipe

A bowl of Korean beef bowl.
Photo Credit: Chew Out Loud.

Not only is this Korean Beef Bowl Recipe easy, fast, and healthy, but it’s also absolutely delicious! Our family and friends eagerly devour their beef bowls every time. Bonus: This Korean beef bowl recipe is gluten-free-, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free! 

Get the recipe: Korean Beef Bowl.

15. Mie Ayam: Indonesian Egg Noodles With Chicken

Mie Ayam the Indonesian noodles with chicken.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Treat your taste buds to Mie Ayam, one of the most well-sought Indonesian street foods featuring yellow wheat noodles (bakmi) served alongside flavorful braised chicken and mushrooms with steamed vegetables. 

Get the recipe: Mie Ayam.

14. Mie Goreng

A bowl of of Mie Goreng with a fork.
Photo Credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Mie Goreng means stir-fried noodles in Indonesian. It’s one of Indonesian cuisine’s most popular dishes and street-food menus. When you try it, you’ll know why having a bowl of these delicious stir-fried noodles is a must to enjoy the Super Bowl.

Get the recipe: Mie Goreng.

13. Indonesian Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood fried rice.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng seafood is what you want to make when you are craving a seafood dish that feels light to enjoy. This recipe helps you combine the ingredients without spending too much time, resulting in a deliciously satisfying dish. 

Get the recipe: Seafood Fried Rice.

12. Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Nasi Goreng Ayam is Indonesian chicken fried rice that you can make in less than 30 minutes. It’s a delicious way to use up leftover rice and chicken. This simple dish is seasoned with kecap manis and packed with flavors. 

Get the recipe: Chicken Fried Rice.

11. Indonesian Tuna Fried Rice

Tuna fried rice.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Nasi goreng tuna, which means tuna fried rice, is an easy and quick way to make a nutritious meal from simple ingredients. You get the carb from the rice and protein from the tuna, all in one bowl. 

Get the recipe: Tuna Fried Rice.

10. Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowls

A bowl of pesto chicken quinoa bowl.
Photo Credit: Through the Fibro Fog.

Enjoy these pesto chicken quinoa bowls for a healthy lunch or easy weeknight dinner! With juicy chicken, tangy pesto, and nutritious veggies, these fun chicken bowls are a high-protein meal that comes together quickly in about 30 minutes. 

Get the recipe: Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowls.

9. Sheet Pan Hot Honey Salmon Bites with Tomatoes and Asparagus

Sheet pan hot honey salmon bites with tomatoes.
Photo Credit: Shutter and Mint.

Sheet Pan Hot Honey Salmon Bites with Tomatoes and Asparagus is the perfect weeknight dinner! It’s so easy to make; you can have it ready in under 30 minutes! 

Get the recipe: Hot Honey Salmon Bites.

8. Cajun Pasta with Chicken and Tomatoes

Cajun pasta with chicken and tomatoes.
Photo Credit: Masala Herb.

Creamy Cajun Pasta is a favorite weeknight dinner when we crave something comforting and flavorful at the same time. My Cajun Pasta recipe includes chicken bits in a Cajun Alfredo sauce. You will want more than a plateful of this creamy Cajun chicken pasta recipe! 

Get the recipe: Cajun Pasta with Chicken and Tomatoes.

7. Sizzling Steak Burrito Bowl

Steak burrito bowl with avocado, sweetcorns.
Photo Credit: The Cookin Chicks.

This delicious Sizzling Steak Burrito Bowl is packed with flavor and comes together quickly! Perfect for busy weeknights or weekend grilling!

Get the recipe: Steak Burrito Bowl.

6. Breakfast Bowl

A bowl of stir-fried food.
Photo Credit: Lolo Home Kitchen.

This Breakfast Bowl recipe is perfect for making fresh or a batch ahead of time. The biggest tip for making these ahead of time is to undercook the eggs. That way, when you heat the breakfast bowl when ready to eat, the eggs will not be overcooked. 

Get the recipe: Breakfast Bowl.

5. Chicken Poke Bowls

Chicken Poke Bowl.
Photo Credit: Food Meanderings.

This Chicken Poke Bowl is a delicious and healthy little meal bowl you can easily make at home. Made with sushi rice, seaweed, fresh veggies, edamame, and chicken breasts and served with miso salad dressing, avocado sauce, and spicy mayo, these poke bowls are a satisfying and wholesome meal! 

Get the recipe: Chicken Poke Bowls.

4. Authentic Bosnian Grah

A bowl of beans and vegetables soup.
Photo Credit: The Pheasant’s Daughter.

This soup bowl is an authentic Bosnian Grah recipe. This traditional and popular Balkan peasant soup or stew has many variations. Still, it always includes beans, vegetables, and smoked beef. 

Get the recipe: Bosnian Grah.

3. Japanese Miso Mushrooms

A bowl of rice and mushrooms with chopsticks on top.
Photo Credit: Cook Eat World.

This super-delicious Japanese rice bowl delivers on all fronts for a simple hit of umami greatness. These miso mushrooms are full of flavor and have a great texture. Quick, easy, and intensely delicious. 

Get the recipe: Japanese Miso Mushroom Rice Bowl.

2. Ginisang Munggo

A bowl of lentils with all toppings.
Photo Credit: Cinnamon Snail.

Ginisang Munggo is sorta like the Philippine’s version of dal. Translating to “Sautéed Mung Beans,” this dish, sometimes known as Monggo Guisado, has a vibrant history deeply rooted in Filipino homes and bustling markets. As the fragrant steam of garlic, ginger, and bird’s eye chilies wafts through the air, this soup embodies a perfect blend of savory and earthy flavors. 

Get the recipe: Ginisang Munggo.

1. Mexican Ground Beef and Quinoa Taco Bowls

Ground beef and quinoa taco bowl.
Photo Credit: Haute and Healthy Living.

You can make these Mexican Ground Beef and Quinoa Taco Bowls in one pan in less than 30 minutes! This easy skillet dinner recipe is packed with Tex-Mex flavors and is wholesome, delicious, and perfect for meal prep! 

Get the recipe: Mexican Ground Beef and Quinoa Taco Bowls.

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