30-Minute Meals: Quick and Easy Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Short on time but big on flavor? These 30-Minute Meals recipes are for you. From kitchen to table in a flash, these quick and easy recipes will transform your dinner game.

Beef burrito bowl.

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen or having little time left after a long day at work? These delicious and easy recipes that can be ready in 30 minutes or less are your savior! 

These 30-minute meals are perfect for busy weeknights when you want a delicious and nutritious meal without the hassle. 

From salmon quinoa bowls to Thai-style tempeh green curry, this collection of recipes has something for everyone. Say goodbye to takeout and hello to healthy, homemade meals that won’t break the bank or take up your entire evening. 

Simple Beef Ramen Bowl

Simple beef ramen bowl.
Photo Credit: Pass Me Some Tasty.

Sautéed vegetables, savory ground beef, and a fried egg are served over rice ramen and mixed, creating a gloriously tasty gluten-free ramen bowl! Make this meal in just 25 minutes. Get the recipe.

Thai-Style Tempeh Green Cury

Thai style tempeh green curry.
Photo Credit: Pass Me Some Tasty.

This Thai-style tempeh green curry is a simple, family-friendly vegetarian dinner recipe. It’s perfect for weeknight meals, meal prep, and beyond! Customize this simple dinner using any fresh or frozen vegetables you have on hand for a quick and tasty 30-minute meal! Get the recipe.

Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Salmon Quinoa Bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

This colorful and easy salmon quinoa bowl recipe has everything you need for a balanced, nutritious, delicious meal. It has good fats, a great source of fiber, and lots of protein. Get the recipe.

Crispy Chicken Katsu Bowl

Chicken katsu bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

The crispy chicken katsu bowl is a take on the famous Japanese fried chicken served with a seasoned rice bowl, topped with fresh vegetables, and drizzled with fruity-tangy katsu sauce. It’s a delicious, hearty meal you can make quickly. Get the recipe.

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl Recipe

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Rice Bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

This Teriyaki Salmon Bowl with homemade teriyaki sauce is the ideal weeknight dinner option because it’s simple to make and comes together in less than 20–30 minutes. The salmon fillet can be air-fried, baked, or cooked over the stove. Then add to a bowl of cooked rice and your favorite veggies. Get the recipe.

Delicious Salmon Piccata For Easy Dinner

Salmon Piccata.
Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Salmon piccata is a great weeknight meal. Ready in minutes and bursting with fresh, bright, and zesty flavor, it tastes like a classic Italian dish with a lighter seafood spin. With gourmet looks and taste, you’ll be shocked at how easily this meal comes together. Get the recipe.

Easy Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

This well-balanced spicy chicken korma is a must-have curry when you feel like a comfort dish. Enjoying with plain white rice or flatbreads such as chapati and naan bread is delicious. Get the recipe.

Chicken Keema Curry: Ground Chicken Curry

Ground chicken curry.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

This chicken keema curry is one recipe you want to try during your busy mid-week. It’s simple, easy, and quick to make. Yet, it offers a satisfyingly delicious meal. Get the recipe.

Mie Goreng Recipe: Indonesian Stir-fry Noodles

Mie Goreng.
Photo Credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Mie Goreng means stir-fried noodles in Indonesian. It’s one of Indonesian cuisine’s most popular dishes and street-food menus. This Mie Goreng recipe offers flavourful and comfortable stir-fry noodles with an authentic taste. Get the recipe.

Juicy and Tasty Air Fryer Turkey Burgers

Air Fryer turkey burger.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Are you looking for a lean alternative to beef? Try our flavorful air fryer turkey burger recipe that’s tasty and waistline-friendly. And forget the grill! You can make these mouthwatering burgers in an air fryer for a quick, easy weeknight meal. Get the recipe.

One Pot Creamy Cajun Sausage Pasta

One pot creamy cajun sasusage pasta.
Photo Credit: Pass Me Some Tasty.

It’s an easy gluten-free recipe customizable for those who prefer less heat (or more!) or would like it even creamier (or less creamy, too!). Get the recipe. 

Italian Frittata Recipe

Italian frittata.
Photo Credit: XOXO Bella.

It’s a mouthwatering combination of eggs, vegetables, cream, garlic, and cheese. You can serve frittata chilled, but it’s delicious served warm. Get the recipe.

Mustard Chicken (One-Pan Dish in 30 Minutes!)

Honey mustard chicken one pan dish ready in 30 minutes.
Photo Credit: Lavender and Macarons.

This honey mustard chicken features juicy chicken breasts bursting with flavor with a sweet and savory honey mustard cream sauce with a classic herby kick! Get the recipe.

Beef Burrito Bowl

Beef burrito bowl.
Photo Credit: Dishes Delish.

This beef burrito bowl is full of flavor and healthy ingredients like black beans and fresh veggies. This dish is the perfect way to get your daily dose of protein and fiber. Get the recipe. 

Easy Authentic Pad Thai

Easy authentic Pad Thai.
Photo Credit: Pups with Chopsticks.

Pad Thai is a popular stir-fried noodle dish from Southeast Asia that originates from Thailand. “Pad” refers to the stir-frying method and means ‘fried,’ while “Thai” means Thai! Get the recipe.

Turmeric Salmon Couscous

Turmeric salmon couscous.
Photo Credit: Seasonal Cravings.

This Turmeric Salmon and Couscous skillet is easy to make on a weeknight but seasonal and tasty enough for company. It’s full of good-for-you ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes! Get the recipe.

Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

Chicken burrito bowls.
Photo Credit: Champagne and Coffee Stains,

Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls are so customizable! Top with your favorite toppings – like cheese, guacamole, rice, or tortilla chips – and you have a complete meal! Get the recipe.

Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe

Chicken Saltimbocca.
Photo Credit: Dishes Delish.

This chicken saltimbocca recipe is my delicious twist on a classic Italian dish. Made with chicken tenders stuffed with prosciutto, tarragon, and gouda cheese, then baked to perfection, this easy 30-minute dinner is an instant hit. Get the recipe.

Thai Chicken With Peanut Sauce

Thai chicken wrap with peanut sauce.
Photo Credit: Pass Me Some Tasty.

These Thai chicken wraps use fresh vegetables, grilled chicken, and a generous peanut sauce. It’s a quick, healthy, and easy meal you can prepare for lunch, dinner, or snack time in less than 25 minutes! Get the recipe.

Sundried Tomato Pasta With Chicken

Sundried tomato pasta with chicken.
Photo Credit: Always Use Butter.

Make this flavor-packed Sundried Tomato Pasta with Chicken in just 20 minutes for a deliciously simple weeknight meal. This super creamy sauce boasts delicious flavors from crème fraîche, sun-dried tomatoes, and dried herbs. Get the recipe.

Blue Cheese Pasta with Spinach, Mushroom and Walnuts

Blue cheese pasta with spinach mushrooms and walnuts.
Photo Credit: Greedy Gourmet.

A big hearty pasta dish with incredible flavors, my blue cheese pasta with spinach, mushrooms, and walnuts is perfect for those bored of plain old pasta. Get the recipe.

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