Easy Asian Food Recipes that Will Save You from Going to Restaurants

Skip the restaurant and become a home-cooking hero! Explore our easy Asian dishes that bring the authentic flavors of the East to your kitchen. From quick stir-fries to comforting noodle bowls, discover the joy of homemade Asian delights.

Chicken katsu bowl.

Are you craving the bold flavors and exotic spices of Asian cuisine? We’ve compiled a list of delicious and easy-to-make takeout dishes from all over Asia so you can satisfy your cravings from the comfort of your own home. 

From Indonesian chicken wontons to Vietnamese beef noodle soup, these mouth-watering dishes will take your taste buds on a culinary journey you won’t forget. 

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy these dishes; with our easy-to-follow recipes, you can make them in your home. So, grab your apron, prepare to cook up a storm, and tantalize your taste buds with these delicious Asian takeouts!

Mie Goreng (Indonesian Stir-fry Noodles)

Mie Goreng.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Mie Goreng means stir-fried noodles in Indonesian. It’s one of Indonesian cuisine’s most popular dishes and street-food menus. This Mie Goreng recipe offers you flavourful and comfortable stir-fry noodles with authentic taste. Get the recipe.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

This chicken tikka kebab is marinated in aromatic spices and yogurt and then grilled to perfection to get a flavorful and succulent chicken on the skewer. Perfect for a light lunch or barbecue menu. Get the recipe.

Vietnamese Pho Tai

Vietnamese Pho Tai.
Photo credit: Savory Sweet Spoon.

Phở tái is a classic Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup that showcases thinly sliced raw Beef paired with aromatic homemade beef broth and chewy flat rice noodles. There are many variations of pho featuring various meats. “Phở tái” specifically has rare beef slices that are gently cooked in the steaming broth, adding a rich depth of flavor to this iconic soup. Get the recipe.

Ayam Kecap (Chicken Sweet Soy Sauce)

Ayam Kecap.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Ayam Kecap is an Indonesian dish of sweet soy chicken made with kecap manis, the sweet soy sauce. It’s sticky, savory, sweet, and spicy. It’s one of the popular dishes in Indonesia. Get the recipe.

Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodles)

Mie Ayam.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Treat your taste buds to Mie Ayam, one of the most well-sought Indonesian street foods featuring yellow wheat noodles (bakmi) served alongside flavorful braised chicken and mushrooms with steamed vegetables. Get the recipe.

Pangsit Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Wontons)

Chicken wontons.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Pangsit Ayam are the Indonesian version of chicken wontons. They are versatile snacks you can enjoy with soup or deep-fried. They are trendy snacks that one can always enjoy having. Get the recipe.

Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Rice)

A deep plate of Indonesian nasi goreng ayam, chicken fried rice, with mint napkin and wooden spoon in the background.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Nasi Goreng Ayam is Indonesian chicken fried rice that you can make in less than 30 minutes. It’s a delicious way to use up leftover rice and chicken. This fried rice has kecap manis, the sweet soy sauce for seasoning, and it’s a simple dish packed with flavors. Get the recipe.

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Murgh makhani the Indian butter chicken.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Try this authentic Butter Chicken recipe. Juicy tender chicken in a flavorful, creamy tomato-based sauce! You can also make this dish in an instant pot. Serve it with naan or roti to mope up its rich and delicious sauce! Get the recipe.

Chicken Seekh Kebab

Chicken seekh kabab.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Chicken seekh kabab is spicy and juicy grilled chicken mince on the skewer. It’s succulent and delicious to have as a starter with naan bread and spicy tomato chutney. Get the recipe.

Chicken Katsu Bowl

Chicken katsu bowl.
Photo credit: Drizzling Flavor.

The crispy chicken katsu bowl is a take on the famous Japanese fried chicken served with a seasoned rice bowl, topped with fresh vegetables, and drizzled with fruity-tangy katsu sauce. It’s a delicious, hearty meal you can make quickly. Get the recipe.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Plates of chicken tikka masala with rice and naan bread.
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Chicken tikka masala is an ever-popular Indian dish you should try making at home. With this super easy recipe, you can make a tasty, succulent grilled chicken dish in a creamy, spicy tomato sauce without a restaurant bill. Get the recipe.

Karahi Gosht (Meat Curry)

Karahi Gosht.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Karahi gosht, lamb karahi, is a meat curry made with spiced thick gravy, predominantly in the Pakistani style. The perfectly cooked tender lamb pieces with well-balanced aromatic spices make a perfect dish to enjoy with family and friends. Get the recipe.

Chili Paneer

Chili paneer.
Photo credit: J Cooking Odyssey.

Chilli Paneer is a lip-smacking, spicy, most popular Indo-Chinese dish. This flavourful restaurant-style dish is perfect as a starter or appetizer. Get the recipe.

Ayam Hainan (Hainanese Chicken Rice)

Ayam Hainan.
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Ayam Hainan is a whole meal consisting of succulent chicken with fluffy-tasty rice and heartwarming soup. It is also known as Hainanese chicken rice or simply chicken rice. Get the recipe.

Shrimp Lo Mein

Shrimp Lo Mein.
Photo credit: Cheerful Cook.

Better than takeout, our easy 30-minute Shrimp Lo Mein recipe is the perfect comfort food for busy weeknights. Enjoy the delicious combination of taste and texture. We toss succulent shrimp, tender noodles, and crisp vegetables in a savory soy-based sauce. Get the recipe.

Filipino Chicken Adobo

Filipino chicken adobo.
Photo credit: Low Carb Spark.

This Filipino Chicken Adobo is quick to prepare and incredibly flavorful. This easy and delectable glazed chicken recipe can be served in under 30 minutes, making it perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. Get the recipe.

Beef Black Pepper Sauce

Beef in black pepper sauce.
Photo credit: Delightful Plate.

Beef in Black Pepper Sauce features juicy beef slices and crisp veggies in a savory and peppery sauce. You can make this delicious beef stir-fry in one pan quickly. Get the recipe.

Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken.
Photo credit: Chocolate and Chai.

Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji) is a tender dish that tastes great and doesn’t take long to cook! This classic Taiwanese dish is popular in China, too, and for good reason. Give it a shot and see what all the fuss is about! Get the recipe.

Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai.
Photo credit: The Sassy Foodie.

Pad Thai is the quintessential Thai noodle dish, and for good reason! This authentic spicy chicken pad Thai recipe brings your favorite takeout noodles home in under 30 minutes! Pair these noodles with them for a full-on restaurant experience at home. Get the recipe.

Shrimp Kung Pao

Shrimp Kung Pao.
Photo credit: Joyous Apron.

Ready for the goodness that is Kung Pao Shrimp? A zesty, flavorful, crunchy Chinese shrimp dish (some would call it prawn) with a bit of heat that will blow your mind and make your taste buds very happy! This Kung Pao Shrimp recipe takes 30 minutes and is much healthier and tastier than Asian takeout versions! Get the recipe.

Mongolian Beef Noodles

Mongolian beef noodles.
Photo credit: Joyous Apron.

Mongolian Beef Noodles is a tasty Asian-inspired dish that combines tender Mongolian Beef with chewy noodles and vegetables tossed in that same delicious, savory, sweet sauce. This delicious recipe is ready in under 30 minutes and is an excellent alternative to Chinese takeout! Get the recipe.

Pad Pak

Pad Pak.
Photo credit: Health My Lifestyle.

This pad pak is a healthy Thai recipe with crisp veggies and a delicious stir-fry sauce! It’s packed with salty, sweet, and umami flavors that take this simple side dish to the next level. Ready in just 30 minutes! Get the recipe.

Orange Ginger Chicken

Orange ginger chicken.
Photo credit: Foxes Love Lemons.

This award-winning Orange Ginger Chicken is a healthier alternative to takeout or a frozen meal. The whole family will love this stir-fried chicken breast with an orange juice marinade. Get the recipe.

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay.
Photo credit: So Yummy Recipes.

Indonesian sate ayam is the original chicken satay. It’s simple, easy, and straightforward to make. Yet, it’s so delicious and flavourful. Find out why we’re the best. Get the recipe.

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