10 Sauce Recipes You Should Make at Home

These sauce recipes will make you wonder why you’d buy ready-made ones. They’re easy to make and big in flavor.

Jars of ketchup and tomatoes.

Are you tired of the same old sauces from the grocery store? Why not try making your own at home and save the bucks? 

With these ten delicious and easy-to-follow sauce recipes, you can make your meals more unique and flavorful. These condiments will surely impress your family and friends.

From Low FODMAP Tartar Sauce to authentic Indonesian Sambal Goreng Terasi, these recipes will excite your taste buds. So, grab your apron, and let’s get started!

Tonkatsu Sauce

A small bowl of tonkatsu sauce with a mint napkin.
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The classic tonkatsu sauce is a sweet, tangy Japanese sauce with a thick brown consistency with savory, fruity, and spicy flavor. This halal tonkatsu sauce recipe replicates those flavors without alcohol, making it consumable for Muslims. Get the recipe

Teriyaki Sauce

A small bowl of teriyaki sauce.
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Teriyaki Sauce is one of the most essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Unfortunately, the original sauce is not precisely halal. But you can make your very own halal teriyaki sauce now. I promise. Get the recipe

Sambal Goreng Terasi: Indonesian Sambal Belacan Recipe

A bowl of Sambal Terasi.
Photo Credit: So Yummy Recipes.

This Sambal Goreng Terasi is a chili condiment with a slightly fishy taste as it has dried shrimp paste. But it is deliciously hot. It is a perfect hot sauce for the chili lover. It’s a must-have condiment in Indonesian cuisine that tastes deliciously hot with a slightly fishy aroma. Get the recipe.

Imli Sauce: Sweet And Spicy Tamarind Date Chutney

A bowl of tamarind sauce.
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 Imli sauce means tamarind sauce. It’s the sweet tamarind chutney. And it has a flavor combination of tangy, sweet, and spicy spices aroma that makes the sauce unique. Get the recipe

Tomato And Chilli Chutney

A bowl of tomato and chili chutney.
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This tomato and chili chutney is a refreshing dip for savory snacks. With a tangy and spicy flavor that mingles with the herby fragrant, this chutney is one easy sauce you want to spread among your food. Get the recipe

Tartar Sauce

A bowl of tartar sauce.
Photo Credit: FOD MAP Everyday.

Low FODMAP Tartar Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to serve alongside our Air Fryer Fish Sticks or anytime you crave this classic, creamy condiment. Easy to make and with better flavor that you won’t get enough of. Get the recipe. 

Canning Ketchup

Jars of ketchup and tomatoes.
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Canning ketchup is a great way to preserve summer flavors and enjoy them throughout the year. With this easy recipe, you’ll get a better taste ketchup that you wonder why you’d have to buy the ready-made one from the shop. Get the recipe

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Jars of enchilada sauce with dried chilies.
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This homemade Enchilada Sauce recipe is far superior to what you buy in a can. It only uses a few ingredients and is a pepper sauce, not tomato-based. This recipe may be different from what you know but it guarantees flavorsome sauce that you can make make in no time. Get the recipe.

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