Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Potato Stuffed Flatbread

shallow-fried flatbread with spicy potato filling. a delicious simple snack that is more satisfying than just a sandwich

why you'll like this aloo paratha

why you'll like this aloo paratha

it's simple and easy to make. it's flavorful and it  makes a satisfying light meal or in-between snack.


chapati flour. water. salt. potatoes. green onions. garlic powder. cumin powder. ground coriander. chili powder. black pepper. cooking oil. butter.


Make the dough by mixing chapati flour and water. Divide and shape the dough into small balls. 


Boil potatoes until fully cooked. Add the spices and chopped green onion to the potatoes. 


Mash and mix the potatoes with the spices. Set aside. 


Roll the dough into round flat discs.

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Add the mashed potatoes onto a rolled out dough. Then cover it with the other rolled-out dough. 


Roll the filled dough and then carefully put it on preheated frying pan/ tawa. 


Cook each side of paratha until it is golden brown. Then brush a little cooking oil and butter on each side as you cook. 

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Once the paratha is cooked, spread some more butter on each side. And cut into four pieces.

Enjoy Your Delicious Aloo Paratha