How To Bake Sweet Potato Slices

How To Bake Sweet Potato Slices

utterly delicious

why you'll like these baked sweet potato slices

A perfect harmony of crispy edges and tender, sweet goodness.  A wholesome and tasty snack that's easy to make and impossible to resist!

Key Ingredients For  Baked Sweet Potato Slices

Sweet potato. Olive oil. Italian herbs. Coarse black pepper. Salt. Grated hard cheese. Red chili flakes.


Peel and slice the sweet potato.


Add olive oil.


Add the herbs, black pepper, and salt. 


Stir the potato slices, making sure every slice is covered with oil and seasoning.


Arrange a layer of sweet potato slices on a baking tray. 

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Sprinkle grated hard cheese and red chili flakes over the sweet potato slices. And bake.

Enjoy Your Baked Sweet Potato Slices!