Snow White Butter Cookies

Kue Putri Salju

“Wow!! These were so simple and easy and yet SOOOO delicious! Already planning when to make the next batch ? Thank you for sharing Devy!”

- Farah 

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Scrumptiously Delicious

You only need 3 ingredients and simple methods to make these gems.

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Plain Flour/ All Purpose Flour


Powdered Icing Sugar

3 Simple Ingredients

Mix the butter & flour


Rub the flour and butter with fingertips or blitz in the food processor until they look like breadcrumbs.

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Work on the dough


Work on the dough lightly and quickly

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Cut the cookies


Roll the dough and cut into crescent shapes or any other shape you like

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Bake the cookies


Bake the cut cookies at gas 4/  until light golden

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Coat the cookies with powdered sugar


Once the cookies fully and completely cooled down, coat them with icing sugar.

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Kue Putri Salju - Snow White Butter Cookies

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