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A food blog where you can find delicious food recipes from Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and beyond, with a simplified method and authentic flavor.

I believe that cooking luscious lamb curry, delicious chicken satay, or scrumptious carrot cake should be simple and easy so that we don’t have to go to restaurants or takeouts when we crave them.

A woman wearing headscarf and glasses next to a three tier wedding cake.

Things you’ll see in my blog

  • Adapted traditional Indonesian and Pakistani food recipes with authentic flavors. 
  • I’ve taken my time and poured out my heart to get my food tasty. And I make sure that I’m not the only one who smiles after the meal. So I can happily say that all my recipes are tried and tested.
  • Simplified methods and some possible ingredient substitutes without sacrificing the taste.
  • Classic food recipes that might have almost been forgotten. 
A woman wearing red head scarf and glasses.

Hi there, Devy here.

I’m the chef, the writer, the photographer, and the creator of this little webspace. Here, you can find a collection of my foolproof recipes for Indonesian, Pakistani, and somewhat international food.

I’m originally from Indonesia and married to a Pakistani-Indian-Kashmiri. So naturally, the first foods I had to learn to make were Indonesian and Pakistani/ Indian food.

I am a mom of two teenage boys, and for the last seventeen years, I’ve been living on the outskirts of rain city Manchester, UK.  

Walking outdoors and reading are my biggest pastime. As well as cooking and eating good food. However, I will be in my element whenever I paint.

In the early days after I relocated to the UK, I found cooking Indonesian food quite challenging. Because it was not easy for me to find ingredients and equipment to cook Indonesian food.

So over the years, I’ve trained and learned how to put tasty food on the table that everybody can enjoy. 

I’ve been testing and trying authentic Indonesian food recipes with simplified methods. And sometimes using ingredient substitutes. But I try to keep the flavor as close as possible to the real Indonesian food that I used to enjoy when I was still living there. 

a dish of fried chicken in sweet soy sauce
Chicken in sweet soy sauce, or Ayam Kecap, is one of the popular chicken dishes in Indonesia

As for Pakistani/ Indian foods, I didn’t find much difficulty in getting ingredients and equipment as there are many Asian (Pakistani/ Indian) shops here in the UK. 

However, it was a challenge for me to get the flavor right without making the food too spicy. Because most of the authentic Pakistani food recipes that I learned are quite spicy. 

So I’ve taught myself to mix my own spices so that the food would be aromatic and well-balanced in spice, but without too much heat. This way, my husband and our kids can enjoy it too. Because the three of them are not very good at coping with spicy food. 

Pakistani vegetarian snacks called chana chaat in small serving bowls.
Moreish Pakistani Chana Chaat

Now, I’m sharing my tried and tested recipes with the hope that I can help you cook Indonesian and Pakistani food in an easy way. And you may find a few international fusion food recipes that have been a part of Indonesian cuisine or that I adapted whilst I live in the UK. 

Nonetheless, So Yummy Recipes will emphasize the exotic food from Indonesia and Pakistan because I want to introduce the extensive collection of traditional food recipes from those countries beyond what is already known such as Gado-Gado or lamb curry.  

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All the best, and happy cooking.