Welcome to So Yummy Recipes.

So Yummy Recipes is a food site where you can find delicious recipes with simplified methods using readily available ingredients.

Initially, we started the site to curate classic recipes from South Asia and South East Asia, such as India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Many traditional recipes are classic foods that people might have almost forgotten. 

However, as it grows, So Yummy Recipes is now more adventurous in trying delicious food that the global eats offer. Rest assured that all recipes have been tried and tested before sharing and are suitable for home cooking without hassle for you to recreate.

Life is busy, and we all have an endless to-do list in a day that we may not want to spend hours in the kitchen to create something we can eat in 10 minutes. So, we strive to share easy recipes you can do in a jiffy. But not all of them. Because some of them, especially the traditional ones, will need more time and love to cook them.  

When it comes to ingredients, we use easy items you can find in your grocery stores. Unfortunately, there are some ingredients you may have to get from a particular shop to maintain the authentic taste. But don’t worry; we try our best to share tips for possible ingredient substitutes without sacrificing the flavor.

Lastly, although we do not restrict our way of cooking to a specific diet, we strive to put good and nourishing food recipes for you. Our main motto is “Eat in moderation as you stay active, and you’ll be fine.” 

We would love to get in touch with our readers. So, drop us a message at admin@soyummyrecipes.com, share your story, or tell us what you want to see more on our site. Thank you, and all the best.